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This Cats Intercontinental Journey To Find His Long Lost Family Has Finaly Ended. An Update.

Kunkush’s epic journey began when he fled ISIS controlled Mosul in Iraq along with his family becoming one of a long list of Iraqi refugees.

That he is loved is very apparent, how many refugees flee their countries with a cat. It’s clear he is a part of this family, other wise he would have been left behind like so many pets are. But Kunkush is not a pet, he is a member of this Iraqi family.

He became separated from his family on the island of Lesbos after sailing across the Aegean from Turkey on a rubber boat. What the video does not tell you is that his family searched for hours with the help of local villagers after he ran off, before being forced to move on.

There after life became quite tough for Kunkush, if fleeing Iraq was not hard enough. The local cats would not let him eat with them, so locals set up a separate feeding station for him. His fur became quite matted and he looked more than a little disheveled.

But soon after things began to change for the better, he was found by Amy Shrodes and Ashley Anderson and sent to Gemany where he was fostered in the hope that his family would be found. Get the full story here. And found they were! Kunkush’s long journey was about to end as his long-lost family were found in Norway of all places.

And so Kunkush embarked on the last leg of his incredible journey from Mosul Iraq to Steinkjer Norway! A very happy ending to a very very long journey. A family finally together at last!