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What The Hell Happened!?

Everyone knows that if you have a brother or sister it really pays to be on your toes, pretty much at all times, never never let down your guard.

That is something this cute little cat forgot at she enthusiastically trots toward the person hold the camera. Because unbeknownst to her someone, probably a sibling, has planned an ambush. Not only has he planned an ambush, as he executes it he manages to pull it off in spectacular fashion!

He quite literally comes out of nowhere, ambushing her from behind, knocking her back legs out from under her, in the process bowling her over, momentarily leaving her stunned, wide-eyed and more than a little bemused.

As one viewer put it, “Did anyone get the license plate of that vehicle?”

However, she gets her act together very quickly and handles the situation in a typical cat-like manner. She calmly stares off into the distance while holding on to her dignity she keeps her cool and acts is though nothing has happened.  “I have been sitting here the whole time, what do you mean am I OK?”

 Check it out below its well worth watching:

Watch this surprised cat’s expression when he realizes just who he is stuck in the cat with!


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