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7 Interesting Cat Facts, According to 7 Interesting Cats

We all know how interesting cats our are. There really is no other animal quite like them, thats why they make such great pets. But cats are even more interesting than I thought?

For instance, did you know their brains are more similar to us humans than they are to dogs? Perhaps that is why they are so independent, choosing when and where they want to do things.

I also found out what the technical term for a hairball is, what I am going to do with this interesting literary knowledge I don’t know? But I somehow feel a lot more intelligent now that I do know.

The following video is quite short and sweet, but it is quite fun too. You get to look at some very cute cats, one somewhat bedraggled one and learn quite a lot into the bargain.

I know there are probably some of you out there who probably know everything this video shows. But for those who just love their cats without knowing everything, there is to know about them.

Sit back and have a puurr-fectly good time.

Check it out below:

Please watch, and if you enjoy? Share with all your cat loving friends and family. Thank you.