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A Bevy Of Beautiful Bengals

What could be more beautiful than a gathering of this personality plus breed?

If you have the time nothing can be more rewarding than having one of these beautiful cats as a member of your family. I only say time as the Bengal is a highly intelligent and very social cat, so really does not like to spend long periods of times alone.

The only thing more rewarding could be having more than one as a member of your family. What you will have are cats that love to tell you about their day when you come home, as Bengals are very talkative.

You will have a cat that is also very affectionate, and be prepared as you will have a cat who loves to climb. So having a few structures in your house that gives these agile cats a place to look down on you is a good idea.

As you can see Bengals come in all colors, and best of all patterns. Closely related to wild cats who need effective camouflage to hunt their highly patterned coats make them very attractive feline friends.

Check out this great photo below and you will see just what I mean. If you had a choice which one would you choose? I think I choose all?