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Is Your Cat Completely Badass?

By badass I mean does your cat laugh in the face of danger, look it right in the eye without even flinching? Does your cat let nothing get in his or her way?

Is your cat more than just a little crazy, in fact completely loco? We had a tiny little cat once called Jezebel, she was very much the runt of the litter and my Mom fell in love with her right away. We lived on a farm at the time and Jezebel was completely and utterly fearless.

She would try to hunt things twice her size, bringing things home like rabbits, hares, and one time a very angry chicken. All very much alive and soon realeased, she worked out a truce of sorts with the chicken and they soon left each other alone.

She once bopped a Great Dane on the nose and completely caught him by surprise, he very quickly learned to leave her alone.

In this hilarious compilation we see cats being brave, mean, cheeky and in some cases, a bit stupid. How these people manage to catch on film some of the action their cats get up to I’ll never know, but it’s fun to watch!

Check out all the badass kitty cat action below, it’s worth it:

Watch, and I hope, laugh? If so please share with all your cat loving friends and family.

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