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Cat Has An Unforseen Accident, Luckily Someone Is There To Lend A Helping Hand

There are times in life when we are so relaxed, so content, that we forget where we are. We can lose our spatial awareness in such situations, this can lead to unfortunate accidents.

You know what I mean, like sunbathing beside the pool and accidentally rolling the wrong way and rolling into the water. Or rolling out of bed, these things can and do happen. Often times leading to humorous situations.

Such as happened to the kitten in the giph image below. One moment you are in seventh heaven on the window ledge basking in the sun, rolling over enjoying the warmth.

Next minute you find yourself in an unforeseen situation dangling perilously from the edge, hanging on by the barest of claw tips!!? How did that happen? If you’re lucky though, you have a friend close by to hand you a helping hand, saving you from further embarrassment.

Check out all the action below:

H/T to Cats and Kittens and via GIPHY.

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