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Cats Left Behind Forced To Swim For Their Lives

The Houston Floods have been devastating, not only for the people caught in Hurricane Harvey’s path but also for their pets too.

Many pets were left behind either because people had no time to save them, they had no room, or because some people just plain forgot. This left many pets to fend for their lives alone, many drowned, but some lucky animals managed to swim to safety or were rescued by good Samaritans.

Kind hearted people like the people you are about to watch in the video below. People putting themselves at risk of injury to save innocent cats, dogs and other pets caught in the path of Harvey’s destructive power.

What some animals went through does not really bare thinking about, but at least some lucky ones will be reunited with their families again. Hopefully, this video will serve as a reminder to please be prepared next time there is a national or state emergency, and please remember to include your pets needs and welfare in your emergency planning.

After all, they are family too.

Check out these heroes in action below:

Read watch and please share with all your cat and kitten loving friends and family. Thank you.