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This Dog Is Shaking Hands With Its Owner When A Jealous Cat Does Something Completely Unexpected.

Is this the act of a jealous cat or is there something else going on here?

Most animal behavior experts will tell you that Cats and dogs have an almost completely different behavior systems to humans. That is understandable, after all, many of their needs are different to completely different to ours. Yet they are highly intelligent, and just like us, capable of experiencing empathy and grief. But is jealousy another emotion that cats share with us, humans.

For my part, I whole heartedly say yes to my cats being jealous. Whether it be competing for my attention or being jealous of someone having the best spot for a nap instead of them. Cats very definitely experience jealousy. But is that what is going on in this video? Perhaps the cat is jealous or does she think the dog’s owner has food? Also, watch the dogs ears as the cat approaches?!

What ever’s going on it’s well worth watching because it is just plain hilarious.

Check it out below:

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