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When You Don’t Want To Share Your Pizza

Fast food comes in all forms, some being more popular than others In my family, one reigns supreme above all others.

And that fast food is Pizza! After all, it just tastes so good, and we all have our favorite. But we have to face facts, it’s just not that healthy. For this reason, we limit its intake to just once a week on takeaway night.

When the kids were younger I always remember that sharing was something that had to be learned, and more often than not pizza night was the night we had to teach this very important lesson to less than enthusiastic children.

When I saw the video photo I burst into laughter because all those memories of pizza night came back to me, it reminded me of the kids when they did not want to share their pizza.

The expression on this cats face is very much like their expression when they did not want to share, I just hope someone shows this person this is not the correct way to hold a fully grown cat.

Click below and prepare to laugh:

Thank you for watching and please make sure to share with all your cat loving friends and family.