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A Flying Cat That Almost Ended Up Going Splat

We have all heard of flying squirrels, but have you ever seen a flying cat?

OK, first of all, I am glad the cat made the jump because he only just caught the edge of the roof? And I would really like to think that person filming this was not encouraging their cat to make that jump!?

Yes, cats great climbers, yes cats are great jumpers, but even that jump was a bit of a stretch for a cat. I wonder if the person filming this would have posted it on facebook if the cat had missed?

As one viewer puts it, “oh yeah that’s so cute you @#@@##@. so let’s get a picture up on the Internet so everybody can see that my cat can make the roof but one day your cat isn’t going to make the roof and you’re going to wish it did that’s dumb as fuck bro that’s a little bit of a jump for a cat just because the cat made it doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous.”

Another viewer said,  “cats are intelligent animals if they thought the jump was too far at that height they wouldn’t jump!” While this is true, cats can make mistakes, miscalculations, and end up getting hurt.

While this video does show how amazing cats are, personally I don’t think this is something you want to encourage your cat to do.

Check out this cat’s aerial antics below:

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