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A Freakout Of Cat-astrophic Proportions

What inspired this freak out we just don’t know? There are numerous theories as to just what is going on here, but one thing is certain, this cat is having one hell of a good time!!

Is it too much catnip, too little sleep or is this cat just high on life? Here are some theories from Facebook fans as to what is happening here:

Sherry says, “my cat Beautimous Maximous does this stuff daily. She gets all hyper, her tail gets super fluffy, the hair down her spine sticks up, and she does stuff like this and darts around the house attacking things. I love it. She’s feisty.”

Omar’s theory is, “when u finally wake up on a school day after you snoozed your alarm 30 times already and realize you’ve missed 2 periods??.”

And Keon thinks it “is this what you’re like after a weekend of brandy and red bull!!” I quite like this one.

But Orlando’s theory tops the lot, ” WAT N CATNATION he can probably see the 8th dimensions and probably realizing that there’s little molecules holding the blanket together and within those lil molecules there’s a creator who created their ability to keep the blanket in one but then there’s a littler people within the little molecules that realize that they are keeping this molecule world together that’s keeping the blanket together.”

However when it comes right down to it, this is a video of one of our feline friends just having a good time, and that is what makes this video so special. That and the expression on his face.

Check it out below:

Watch, laugh and enjoy. The please share so others can do the same.