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What Happens When Your Kittens Become More Thorny Than Expected?

Eight baby hedgehogs lose their mother in a  horrifying lawn mowing accident. They are new born, hungry and need their mothers love and attention, it looks like their future is more than a little uncertain.

Luckily for them, Alyona Asnovina, Sadgorod Zoo deputy director at the city of Vladivostok, knew exactly what to do. She saw her cat Musaya in the yard and had a very bright idea. She placed the baby hedgehogs in front of Musaya and they knew almost what to do straight away.

So the hoglets found a very different looking wet-nurse in Musya the cat, who took to the task of feeding them without even blinking an eye.

Check out the cute new family here:

Prior to their adoption, the baby hedgehogs refused to be fed from a bottle or syringe and still blind, and were beginning to starve. The zoo was left with little choice but to try putting the mammals together with a new mother. Musya the cat still had milk left after taking care of several foster kittens, and fortunately, the babies took to her immediately.

Musya the cat adopted eight baby hedgehogs whose mother was killed in a lawn-mowing accident. The cubs refused to eat and could have died of starvation. The hedgehog babies were given to the cat who recently nursed kittens. Next year the hedgehogs will be released into the wild.

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