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Homeless Cat Finds A Baby In The Snow

A homeless cat finds a baby slowly freezing to death during a frigid Russian winter and then does something completely unexpected, something amazing.

Russian winters are not for the faint-hearted with temperatures dropping well below freezing, but Masha a homeless cat was used to them and knows how to survive the harsh conditions.

And so it was as Masha was going about her normal daily routine on a cold winters day she came across a cardboard box.

Curious cats and cardboard boxes are one of those things that are just meant to be, so naturally, Masha had to inspect the confines of this particular box, what she found inside was unbelievable.

Alone and abandoned in the below-freezing temperatures was a little baby, Masha somehow knew what to do next. She wrapped her furry body around him to help keep him warm and began to meow as loud as she could to attract attention.

Luckily she was heard and a Lavora who is used to seeing Masha on her daily morning walks followed Mashas distressed calls until she found the box and could not believe her eyes.

There was Masha wrapped around a tiny baby doing her best to keep him warm. Realizing the baby had been abandoned Lavora called the ambulance and the baby was taken to the nearest hospital.

Masha tried but was not allowed to enter the ambulance so she followed it to the hospital, worried about her new charge. There she waited until she knew the baby was going to be OK.

This story dispels the myth that cats are aloof uncaring creatures, they are compassionate, kind and protective. The exact opposite to what many would have us believe.

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