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Look What The Dog Dragged In?

Usually, the quote goes “look what the cat dragged in.” But not this time, this time it’s “look what the dog dragged in?! And boy is it cute!

This dog decided to adopt a homeless baby kitten, and give it lots of love, and what a caring foster dad he became. He is very very attentive about his new baby, making sure he is getting all the right care and attention.

Yes, the way the kitten is being fed in this video is less than ideal, but I think we have to cut them a little slack. Perhaps that is all they had on hand at the time. At least their hearts are in the right place, especially the dogs.

And this is one more little baby that has found a home, thanks to one very caring dog and his human family, as you will see this foster dog foster kitten relationship, things went really well and this tiny kitten grew into a cat that now returns all the love this dog showed her when she was a tiny kitten.

Check out this lovely story by watching the video below:

Read, watch and enjoy. Please share with all your cat loving friends and family.