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Lucky Dog Chills As He Gets The Best Paws On Treatment

I’m not sure who is enjoying this more, but I suspect by the look on the dogs face he is utterly and completely relaxed.

And so he should be too, the onsite cat masseuse who is doing an excellent job of relaxing the new guests at this city pound. In fact, this little pooch can barely keep his eyes open.

And it looks the masseuse is enjoying giving the massage almost as much as the dog is enjoying receiving it, yes this little feline really loves her work.

I could swear, if you look real close both kitten and dog pretty much have matching expressions, what do you think? It looks very similar to the two participant’s in this video, except the cat in this one is a little bit awake.

However, which ever one you prefer, both videos are very cute.

Check it out below: