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A Massage And A Facial, Then A Pedicure. For Four Paws Not Two?!!

Men always seem to have a little trouble understanding why women go to spas. If your man needs more convincing why woman go, just show him this dogs day at the spa. He’s in canine spa treatment heaven.

Look at the little guy, he can barely move a paw, this is total utter and complete relaxation. And those little grunts of pleasure as she massages his paws and then his jaws.

This is one of the most satisfying videos I have ever seen in a long time, mainly because I know how he feels, in fact, I wish I was there now!! Actually, I think this is making me jealous, lucky little dog!! ?

Just look at his face, that has to be the most content and relaxed canine face I have ever seen, I don’t think he will want to move for a week if ever again?!

Check out this dogs spa day by clicking below:

Watch, smile and maybe feel a little envious and please share with all your cat loving friends and family.