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Its Monday! Guess What? We Can Still Put A Smile On Your Face!

OK, it’s Monday! The weekends over and it’s the start of the working week, but we here at the think we put a smile on your face almost instantaneously.

You see we don’t care if you are a dog lover,  a chipmunk lover or even a raccoon lover, because if there is one thing that is practically guaranteed to put a smile on even the grumpiest face, its kittens.

Kittens with babies, kittens in front of mirrors, kittens playing with kittens, or kittens just being kittens doing kittenish things, because kittens just can not help being kittens, and the great thing is in doing so they are known to make us smile.

That’s right, it’s even been scientifically proven that kittens and cats can and do improve your mood, just stroking your cat or kitten, talking to your cat or kitten, and if all else fails, watching kitten or cat videos can improve your mood.

They have also been known to do the impossible by putting a smile on our faces on a Monday.

So if you want to kickstart your week in the best possible fashion, Click Below:

Need an even bigger smile then click here to see this cute little kitten in a pocket.

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Watch, smile and generally improve your Monday Blues by getting your week off the perfect start. In fact, why not help your friends and family improve theirs by sharing.