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What Do You Do When You Open The Door And Meet Someone Who Is Just Plain Rude?

Find out what happens when this curious Parrot opens the lid of a box and gets gently tapped on the head by its slightly disgruntled occupant.

What would you do? You know what it’s like, you open the door to someone and they are completely rude. Do you slam the door in their face, argue with them or try to talk them round.

Well this parrot certainly was not expecting to find what he found inside this particular box, nor was he expecting what happened next, to be fair I think this box’s particularly attractive occupant was not wanting to be disturbed, but the least he could have done was put out a do not disturb sign.

But this cocky little bird a solution to his problem, which he repeated over and over again much to the delight of the box’s occupant, so much so they both keep coming back for more.

What ensues is a game of cat and mouse, or in this case an hilarious game of cat and bird if you take my meaning?

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