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Something We All Know, But Some People Still Have Yet To Learn

If there is one thing that we cat lovers, feline fanciers or cat ladies know, it’s this!

Cats just make everything better.

However, even though we know it, unfortunately, a large percentage of the population still needs to be convinced of this well know fact. So how do we go about convincing them? How do we share the love of cats amongst those that still resist?

First off, how anyone could resist is beyond me? But believe it or not, resist they do. Some can be overcome by continued exposure to kitty-cat cuteness, this is how I overcame my life partners opposition. There can be no resistance to overwhelming cuteness on a daily basis. Mind you we were a package deal, so there was no choice in the matter.

But now all opposition to cats is nothing more than a distant memory. But if that is not an option what else can you do? Well just take a look at the video below. After watching this I fail to see how anyone could argue with the contents of this video.

Lots of cat cuteness bring smiles and laughter to everyone they interact with leave those trying to voice opposition completely speechless.

After all, sometimes all we need to do to make the world a better place, is watch kittens.

Check Out This Great Video Below:

If you loved this video, instead of just sharing with your cat loving friends and family, why not also try sharing it with those who a little less enthusiastic with our feline friends and family?