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Spidermans Got Nothing On This Cat

There is no doubt that cats are pretty agile creatures as far as climbing and jumping goes, but I have never seen a cat do this?

Cats can fit into pretty tight spaces too, which is what this cat as done. She’s worked out that she can wedge herself between the fridge and the wall and then walk down, she’s one clever feline.

I mean why jump from the top of fridge landing all cat-like on your feet just like all the other cats when you can look all cool and individualistic walking down the wall like spiderman.

Well, one thing is for sure this cat likes to do things differently, I don’t blame her, especially when she knows there might be a treat waiting for her below!

Check out this cats spider-like abilities below:

Our cat Piggy walking down the fridge but pausing half way. She must have super grippy paws! She performs her fridge walk on a daily basis although I have no idea how she first figured it out. She is seven years old but still acts like a kitten. There is never a dull moment with Piggy in the house!

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