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There Are No Words!

He found this kitten lying motionless in the rain, it had been abandoned by its mother, what he does next is amazing.

Robin Seplut lives in Russia, the area where he lives has a lot of feral cats, Robin does what he can to feed them and care for them to the best of his abilities, but he is only one man, however, no one can underestimate the positive difference he has made in the lives of these cats.

One rainy day while out on his daily rounds checking in on his extended feline family Robin came across a tiny kitten lying motionless on the path, it had been abandoned by its mother and was covered in slugs.

Robin cleaned up the motherless newborn, washing it in warm water before taking it to another mother he knew who had her own litter, all about the same age of the tiny orphan.

He managed to locate the new Mom and gently placed the tiny orphan amongst her own litter, what happened next was both beautiful and at the same time amazing.

We can only wish there were more people in the world like Robin, you can find his youtube channel here at Robin Selput.

Watch below to see this amazing rescue:

Also, see this amazing rescue when everyone walked by but not her.

Read, watch, I hope enjoy and please share.