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Ummm….Excuse Me, Pardon Me? Oh Well…..Never Mind. Greedy Kitty.

This Border Collie has the patience of a saint. How can he just sit there and watch this cat is beyond me? And he is so polite about it too!

Benji the Border Collie and Fred the Feline are the best of buddies, so much so that Benji is polite to the extreme as he watches Fred devour, consume and indeed gobble down all his food.

It did not always use to be like that. No, you see Benji is your typical Border Collie, excitable to begin with when he first met Fred, who had very little patience for this sort of doggy behavior.

But now after spending time together, getting to know when another they are close friends, so much so that Benji watches as Fred eats his food, politely tapping him with his paw. Not that Fred takes one bit of notice of Benji’s polite interjections, hoovering it all down as quickly as possible. Greedy Kitty!

This proves one thing though. Cats and dogs can get along with one another, even under the most extreme of situations.

Check out this hilarious video below:


Watch, laugh and above all, enjoy and please share with all your cat loving friends and family.