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Wait For It, Wait For It!!

And boy is it worth waiting for, but be warned once it gets going, it just never seems to end. But that’s not such a bad thing, is it?

That’s right, there is only one thing better than a cute kitten climbing out of a hole in a box, and that is a never ending stream of cute kittens climbing out of a hole in a box.

You see once the first two pock their cute little heads out of the only hole in this box it becomes an endless stream of never ending cuteness.

These cute little guys must be in intensive cat door training classes? If so they have passed with flying colors because they seem to have no trouble climbing through that hole. Sometimes two at a time!!

Well, watching this made my day and put a smile on my face into the bargain. I hope it does the same for you too? Want to find out?

Well, click play below and let’s see?

If this is put a smile on your face and if you enjoyed this? If it made you feel warm and fuzzy all over? Then please share this with all your cat loving friends and family.