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How To Walk Your Human In Seven Easy Steps

Humans are such funny creatures, one thought he would teach his cat how to walk on a lead, this did do not end the way he intended.

The first mistake this human made was thinking he could train his cat, haha, humans don’t train cats, everybody knows that cats train their humans! What was he thinking?

Cats teach their humans when to feed them, when to let them in and when into let them out, when it’s permissible to pat them and when you can wake up and go to sleep. In short, cats rule the house, not humans.

Humans teaching cats to walk on a leash, talk about funny! Watch this hilarious felines seven step approach to re-training his human.

Check out it below:


This stubborn cat actually knows how to teach his human how to walk on a leash better than his human can teach him! – The results are just TOO funny, this kitty has the best methods down, you’ve gotta see them, LOL!!

After trying to walk his cat on a a leash, see what happens instead… Watch the video!

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For more on cats trying to train humans, watch this talking cat trying to talk her human into letting her in.

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