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When Enough Is Enough

Most of us know what is like! You know when enough is enough! Whether it’s too much alcohol or too much food, or even a combination of both, you know what it’s like.

When you just can’t keep your eyes open and you have to find a place to just lay down and sleep it off. This usually happens to me around Christmas or New Years Eve, when I know too much of a good thing really is too much of a good thing. “OK, that’s enough, I’m just going to go find somewhere to examine in great detail the insides of my eyelids.”

That’s what think has happened to the kitten in this video. Way too much milk here I think? The only difference between this little munchkin and me is that this kitten looks way cuter than I do examining the insides of its eyelids.

In fact, it’s so far gone it doesn’t even notice the surreptitious placement of its teen tiny limbs, but that just makes an already cute video so much cuter.

Watch all the slumbering action by clicking below:

Watch, smile, then melt at all the cuteness. if you enjoy please don’t hesitate to share with all your cat loving friends and family.