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WHEW!!…..Christmas Is Finally Over!! But New Year’s Is Just Around The Corner?!!

Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas! Having friends and family over, Christmas dinner, gift giving, the whole festive spirit. But……

But, by the end of the day, and to be honest the day after, I feel a little bit like the cat in the video below. I do believe sometimes you can suffer from what I like to call Christmas cheer fatigue.

Especially if you have been cooking and or baking all day while watching the kids, decorating the house, all the while trying to keep the house clean and wrap gifts.

So after Christmas day, there is nothing better than doing what this relaxed feline is doing, or whatever it is you like to do to completely relax.

Enjoy a quiet glass of wine or coffee, climb into a good book. Or one of my favorites, take a nice long nap.

Yep, the cat in this video has got the right idea. Christmas is over so kick back, chill out and above all RELAX. You’ll need to because, after all, New Years is just around the corner!

Need more encouragement? Watch the video below and you’ll soon get the idea!!

You Can Check It Out Below:

Watch and enjoy. Please share with all your cat loving friends and of course your cat-loving family too.