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Whispering Sweet Nothings Only A Cat Can Understand

Have you ever had someone whisper in your ear? Most of us have, but what do you do if it is in a language you just can’t understand?

How do you respond? Do you try to talk back, or do what this extremely patient cat is doing and keep your silence while trying to pay attention to this very cute little baby.

This baby loves his feline friend, so much so he does not want to let go as he babbles on about whatever it is that is on his mind, and who knows maybe this cat does understand?

It’s a little different to the full on conversation going on between this baby and her feline friend, no one else would be able to get a word in edgewise while those two are talking!

However, it sure does look like this cat would rather be somewhere else.  This little baby is holding on for dear life, he has no intention of letting go until he has finished what he wants to say. It must be really important?

One thing is for sure until he does let go, he has this furry felines complete undivided attention.

Watch this cute baby and cat interaction by clicking below:

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